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Upgrade legacy systems

Integrate with, extend and if necessary replace any legacy system without a risky custom development project. Start small and get your applications back on track for continuous improvement.

We help you move forward, step by step, without risk.

iterative upgrades
Iterative upgrades
Extend what works well
Tailored, not custom

We are able to get more from our resources than we thought was possible. And we are just getting started. Frank Iepema
Managing Director Hydro Hungary

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M-industries and Hydro

For Hydro we created an application that brings data from several legacy systems together and adds the data that was missing in all of them. This enabled them to finally get a grip on their data and significantly improve their delivery performance.

Convert Excel to Apps

You know you can't move on like this. People are making mistakes, status reports take too long, there are multiple versions of critical data out there and every week brings more Excel sheets.

Your legacy software effectively can't be upgraded or modified. New software either means adapting your organization, or a massive an risky investment of time and money.
Probably both.

Centralize truth
Collaborate on any device
Import from and export to Excel

Our project with M-industries received the ‘Recognition of Excellence’ award from our CEO. Matthé de Vent
Director Supply Chain Planning
Tata Steel Mainland Europe

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M-industries takes your Excel sheets and transforms them to state of the art web applications.

For Tata Steel, we moved their supply chain data out of Excel. Instead of laborious and error-prone weekly reports, they now have daily reports with a single press of a button.